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Policy On Alcohol And Drugs In The Workplace 

MLT Recruitment Services believes that it is essential that all employees, workers and those who render services to the Company or at the Company’s premises are in full command of themselves and of all of their faculties throughout the working day. 


MLT Recruitment Services requires you to present yourself for work on each occasion required under your contract in complete command of all your faculties i.e. without any dependence on alcohol or any other drugs of a non-medicinal nature and to maintain that state until the completion of your working hours under your contract. If during the course of your working day you have to take medicinal drugs on a regular basis, this fact should be known to a Manager / Director confidentially. 

In the event that you present yourself at work or during working hours you are in a condition where a Manager / Director believes you to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and you are not able to carry out your duties in a proper, fit and safe way you will not be allowed to commence work or continue work. Instead you will be suspended without pay and not allowed to return until such a time as you are in full control of your faculties. 

In addition such behaviour will be subject to the disciplinary procedure of MLT Recruitment Services and after due investigation may result in dismissal as a result of gross misconduct. 

MLT Recruitment Services is obliged to investigate all the circumstances surrounding such behaviour prior to commencing the disciplinary procedure and this may, where necessary, include seeking medical advice as to your condition including requiring you to submit to a medical examination. MLT Recruitment Services is obliged to investigate such matters in as much detail as possible and therefore expects you to comply with any requests that you submit to such examinations. You may appeal in accordance with the Company’s disciplinary procedure. 

If the disciplinary procedure is evoked and you receive a disciplinary sanction short of dismissal or if you have a successful appeal MLT Recruitment Services will recommend that you take advantage of counselling services to help control your problem and you will be required to act of any such recommendation. In the event that you need to be absent from work for a period of treatment for either alcohol or drug dependency a reasonable leave of absence will normally be granted to cover this on an unpaid basis. 


If MLT Recruitment Services suspects that you are in the possession of alcohol or drugs you will be required to consent to a search of your belongings. If you are found to be in possession of any alcohol or illegal substances, you will be suspended from your duties pending further investigation. This matter will be dealt with under the Company’s disciplinary procedure and after due investigation it may result in dismissal for gross misconduct. 

If MLT Recruitment Services believes you are dealing, buying, selling or receiving drugs or alcohol you will suspended from your duties while an investigation is carried out. Where a criminal offence is suspected the Company shall inform the police. 


All employees and workers are required to inform MLT Recruitment Services or any appropriate person if they suspect any fellow worker may be acting in breach of this policy. 

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