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Ethical Trading Policy 

MLT Recruitment Services is committed to developing its ethical trading standards and practices and aims to act in aresponsible way in accordance with the following standards:


1.Human Rights

The people working for MLT Recruitment Services should be treated with respect and their human rights should be promoted and protected.


2.Health and Safety in the Workplace

Adequate steps should be taken to provide a safe and healthy working environment for workers.

Workers should have access to clean toilet facilities at work.

Where accommodation is provided for workers it should be clean and safe.


3.Fair Remuneration

Remuneration should be fair and reasonable and working hours should not be excessive. As a minimum, both working hours and remuneration should comply with national legal standards.


4.Forced Labour not used

Forced labour should not be used.


5.Child Labour

Young people under 18 should be employed only under circumstances that are not hazardous and do not disrupt their education.


6.Trade Unions

The rights of workers to join legally recognised trade unions should be respected.


7.No Harassment

Any form of harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated.


8.Equal Opportunities

Workers should not be disadvantaged or discriminated against on grounds of sex, marital or family status, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, nationality, religion, union membership or age.


9.Protection of the Environment

Conservation and protection of the environment should be considered when choosing materials for the office use and in office procedures. This includes minimising waste, conserving energy and, where appropriate, using products that do not cause excessive damage to the environment.

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