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4 Tips for Curating the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover Letters are a letter of motivation that usually accompanies a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to introduce ourselves on a slightly more personal and job-specific level to a potential employer.

There are a lot of discussions and discourse around the new age of Cover Letters, especially with AI making a prominent difference to technology, such as ChatGPT. But actually, Cover Letters aren't that difficult to write, and you'll most likely find that employers can tell when it's written personally, and with more warmth and tone.

With that being said, here are our 4 tips on curating the perfect Cover Letter:

1. Compliment Your CV

Remember, your Cover letter isn't a re-write of your CV - but rather, it should compliment it by taking relevant information from your CV such as your experience and qualifications and explaining how these skills and experiences benefit the specific role you're applying for.

2. Do Company Research

Take the liberty of getting to know the company you've applied for before explaining why you're perfect for the role in your Covering Letter. By adding a touch of company personalisation by subtly mentioning a fact about the company or something the company does internally that you can do, you will make your cover letter stand out.

3. Add Personal Value

Your hiring managers will be looking for problem solvers when sifting through applications. Ensuring that your Cover Letter doesn't waffle on too much and making sure to highlight your knowledge of issues the company will potentially face to a previous experience where you've demonstrated problem solving in the workplace, will serve you well.

4. Highlight Future Ambitions

Use your Cover Letter to shine a light on your future. Your CV is your past experience, and your Cover Letter is how you're applying your past transferable skills to highlight your future career ambitions.

Now that you know how to do your Cover Letter, here's how you can prepare for your interview with our Interview Tips & Rules from an MLT Recruiter.

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