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7 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

Using a recruitment agency can get you where you need to be much quicker than anticipated. Whether you're a company looking to recruit for an empty role, or perhaps you're a candidate job seeking. Whatever your position, recruitment agencies are here to make everyone's lives easier when it comes to filling a role that suits you.

Here are seven benefits of using a recruitment agency for your recruitment needs.

Speeds up the Hiring Process

This may seem like an obvious point, but it doesn't make it any less true! Using a recruitment agency whether it be to find a good candidate or whether you find endlessly scrolling indeed to be quite daunting during the job seeking process- we can save you time and money by narrowing down the options until we find the best candidate/role for you! In 2021, a study was conducted which found the time-to-hire and talent pipeline were two of the top five priorities across the recruitment industry.

We Have a Wider Candidate Reach

We have access to thousands upon thousands of public CV's and candidate information through our CRM system, which means that we can approach you as a candidate if we find any role that we think fits you perfectly, and we can also bridge the gap in communication between employers and potential employees by directly (with candidates expressed consent) give your CV to employers directly.

Role and Brand Advertisement

With a plethora of social media platforms in 2023, LinkedIn, Indeed, Instagram, Facebook, Reed - you name it! Your company will benefit from additional advertisement and exposure alongside your candidate search. Our consultants utilise these platforms to find the right candidates for you, promoting appropriate visibility on the relevant platforms.

Specialist Industry Knowledge

Another thing that saves clients and candidates time and money, is our ever-evolving specialist industry knowledge, meaning that we can find CV's that match your advertised job role in a role-specific and environmentally specific capacity. Meaning, through sifting through personal statements and qualifications, we can match up not only what candidates qualifications are, but we can also match up their personality types to ensure that they're working in an environment where they find like-minded people, benefitting our clients and gaining trust.

A Smoother Interview Process

Here at MLT, we sort out all of the admin the queries and so much more for our clients and candidates, so when it comes to the interview process, everyone can rest assured that they will be entering an environment where they wil be supported and encouraged wholeheartedly. Our recruiters know a little bit about you before they've met you, avoiding any awkward first impressions, and increasing your likelihood of being hired!

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

One thing we pride ourselves on here at MLT Recruitment and most Recruitment agencies do, is building great professional working relationships with both our clients and our candidates. Through using our industry-specific knowledge and meeting with our clients and candidates regularly, we can make sure that you're getting the most out of your work environments with long-lasting relationships with temp and permanent staffing.

Decreases Likelihood of a Bad Hire

Most companies have been there, where they've hired someone who just didn't quite fit what they were looking for. Perhaps they weren't the same as they were in their interview, or perhaps its the other way around, and you've been hired by a company that you feel isn't quite for you. Well, with recruitment agencies such as ourselves here at MLT Recruitment, you can avoid any bad teething periods. Our expert recruiters will do their best to find quality matches between all clients and candidates.

Overall, recruitment agencies can help to bridge the gap between clients and candidates, and we can also ensure that you find a role that suits you, and we ensure that our company clients find quality candidates, saving time and money on rounds of tedious interviewing processes.

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