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An extra reason for employing former military personnel

Updated: May 21

Here at MLT Recruitment we know a thing or two about the Armed Forces. One of our Directors, Mitch Turner, is a former Royal Marine Commando himself, so has first-hand knowledge and experiences in supporting former military personnel enter the world of employment.


As a result, the MLT Recruitment team understand the very specific skills that former members of the Armed Forces often have, and we’re able to match those skills perfectly to the needs of employers around the UK.


It’s not ‘all’ we do at MLT Recruitment, but it is an area that we’re experienced in, and one of the things we understand more than most, are the financial incentives that come with employing former military people.  One of which is the Government backed National Insurance Relief scheme.


This scheme means that when employers bring in veterans, they don’t have to pay the company’s National Insurance contribution for that person for the first twelve months. To be clear, the individual themselves still has to pay their contribution, but the company doesn’t have to, which creates a significant saving for the employer.      


The idea behind it, is to give former serviceman and women a better chance as they come out of the Armed Forces and look to continue in a new career. The best way of doing that is by making these people more financially attractive to the employers out there.


Originally announced in the 2020 Government budget, this scheme became active from March 2021 and has proved to be positive for employees and lucrative for employers at the same time. Better still, since 2022, the process itself has become easier to administer, with the contributions being deducted at the payroll stage, rather than having to be claimed back at the end of the financial year.


What this means, is that there’s now a genuine and extra incentive to employing former Armed Forces personnel.  The only issue is finding the right people for the right jobs and that’s how we can help at MLT Recruitment. We do have genuine experience, understanding and knowledge of this specific sector and it’s what sets us apart from other recruitment agencies in the city.


Employing an Armed Forces veteran has always had its advantages in so called ‘civvy street’. Because of their training, they’re often regarded as disciplined, committed and highly focused and are perfectly suited for certain roles outside of the forces. This National Insurance Relief scheme just makes it easier.


If you’d like to talk to us about employing former military personnel or if you’d like to know more about how this National Insurance Relief scheme works, then please get in contact with a member of the MLT Recruitment team on 01752 875700.


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