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Top 5 Skills Employers Look for in 2023


Have you ever looked at your CV and thought, "how can I improve this?" while looking at your introductory header?

Well, contrary to popular belief, its not always your personal statement that catches an employers eye first - its your skillset and how you present it. We live in an age where job applications are more diverse than ever, so its crucial that when submitting your job applications, you hone in on what you can offer.

Here are the top 5 skills that employers are looking for in 2023.

Problem Solving

Having the initiative and the ability to solve problems, from business teething problems to interpersonal conflicts, problem solving is deemed one of the most valuable assets to have no matter the industry you choose to work in. With the inevitability of technical changes, employee changes, these issues tend to arise frequently, and employers will be more inclined to hire you if they feel that you can be relied on.

You can show your problem-solving skills in your previous role descriptions, for instance: "Noticed that our website content was performing poorly and conducted an SEO audit to identify areas for improvement, leading an SEO campaign that increased traffic by 1000%."


This may seem surprising, but creativity is more in-demand than ever, with more digital-age jobs becoming the norm - having skills that relate to creativity is a useful skill for succeeding in a rapidly evolving work environment because it means you can come up with new innovative ideas and solutions.


Employers value employees who are able to effortlessly adapt to changes that may occur suddenly, as it in turn makes you appear to be more reliable. You can show your adaptability when explaining how you handled sudden change in a previous role.

Digital Literacy

As previously mentioned, jobs in digital industries are more rife than ever, with more digital and remote positions opening since 2019 and with more jobs becoming increasingly reliant on technology, having digital literacy is crucial when applying to most jobs nowadays, so if you want to display this in job applications or even just on your CV, make sure to add all digital software's you are proficient in. I.E, Microsoft Excel, CRM Systems, certain booking software's and so on.

Time Management

Candidates who display good time management are highly likely to be taken more seriously during job hiring processes. It is a huge judge on character and shows your commitment and flexibility with the job your aiming to be hired for. Showing this on your CV by explaining how deadline oriented you are, will serve you well.


Convincing employers that you're right for the role they're hiring for, depends on how you convey this both through your CV and through individual job applications.

Thankfully, many skills both displayed and in general are transferable soft skills that can be demonstrated through a variety of job experiences.

Ensuring that you include specific examples of your skills demonstrated in previous work roles will help you on the road to a successful interview where you can expand on your achievements and show off your skills.


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