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Why recruiting through an agency makes sense.

Let’s say, you’re an MD of a business, and you’re looking for staff to meet the demand of a nice new contract that your sales team landed last week or simply looking to expand your team. You could decide that you’re going to handle the recruitment yourself, it’s cheaper than going through an agency, and it allows you to hand pick everyone yourself. What could go wrong? … well, plenty actually, because doing it yourself is very rarely the cheaper option that you think it will be.


Here at MLT Recruitment we know the reality of that situation. The staff you need will be hard to find and that’s before you start getting picky in anyway. You’ll probably have to advertise the roles, but where do you start, and how much is the overall budget for a project like that?


Fast forward a few weeks and you’ll possibly have is a small pile of CV’s, (not enough to cover the workload by the way) and a daunting process of going through each one. Then you’ll be shortlisting suitable candidates, arranging interviews, allocating time to do those interviews and then you can start making some real decisions.


So, here’s the point. Handling recruitment yourself is not a cheap option.  It’s invariably the complete opposite, and the best way of illustrating that is to think about how much time it will take you personally.  Double that, because everyone underestimates it and then equate to the day rate that your personal time is valued at to the business.


But if you really want to emphasize the point, think of what you could be doing while not sifting through a pile of CV’s, most of which won’t be suitable. Our suggestion is leave it to the experts, in fact, leave it to us at MLT Recruitment.


We handle the recruitment process for hundreds of clients across the UK every year. We have a huge bank of potential employees ready to go. Clients brief us on what they want, then we start the selection process, and we keep going until we find the right people to meet the brief. There is no upfront cost to employers, and you only pay us if we find you someone and they start work with you.  We even offer a free replacement option, but to be honest, we rarely have to use that because we focus instead on getting it right in the first place.


The MLT Recruitment team have over 50 years combined experience in the industry. Our recruitment specialists are on hand to offer straightforward, effective recruitment solutions and we pride ourselves on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.


If you’d like to talk to us about streamlining the recruitment process to save your business both time and money, then please get in contact with a member of the MLT Recruitment team on 01752 875700.


MLT Recruitment … the Reliable, Adaptable and Resourceful recruitment agency.


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