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How to Utilise your LinkedIn as a Candidate

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

As we've established in our previous post, LinkedIn is a brilliant source of networking, and don't be fooled - job seekers such as yourself can be just as benefitted by the corporate social platform!

You can edit your profile photo to have a 'open to work' banner, which gives potential employers out there a great reason to seek you out, you can upload your CV to LinkedIn if you're on the job hunt, and so much more.

Here are some beneficial ways in which you can utilise your LinkedIn as an MLT Recruitment candidate:

Highlight Experience and Skills

When building your LinkedIn profile, make sure that you are highlighting your most recent experience in your bios and qualifications section. Use eye-grabbing key words that you know will grab employer's attention to your profile.

Post Regularly

Whilst quantity doesn't necessarily equal quality, frequency does equate to being seen more on LinkedIn's algorithm. Even just reposting something you relate to or find funny in the working world will give your page just that little bit more of a boost. It also adds personality in a sea of corporate discussions, which will help you to stand out as a candidate.

Build Your Network

No number of connections is too much. It's a great confidence boost to keep reaching out as much as possible. Both to companies you're interested in, researching the CEO's behind said companies, to even just networking with people in roles that you want to be in. This will help you to take some inspiration from seasoned professionals and get in with the type of people you want to be around in the working world. Don't be afraid to get your name out there!

Research Companies You're Interested In

Whether you're a baker looking to get in with some professional caterers, or you're a data analyst looking to get yourself in touch with other analysers and data fanatics - doing research on the companies that you're interested in will help you to gain extra knowledge, and make yourself known to the 'big cheeses' of your idols out there.

Get Endorsed by Friends and Ex- Colleagues

Ask your friends, your old managers, your ex- colleagues and al who have LinkedIn and know you well to endorse your for certain skills. This backs up your claims to your displayed skillsets and gives you credibility to potential employers!

There are so many ways you can utilise your LinkedIn, as a recruiter or even as someone on the job hunt looking to be hired now. No matter your profession and skillset, you can make it work for you using these top tips, and so much more!


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