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How to Utilise your LinkedIn as a Recruiter

LinkedIn is the number one networking platform worldwide, and its no surprise why -its the most widely used professional network available today, and it holds so much potential in utilising your business, especially when it comes to hiring for your company.

Here are some ways to utilise your LinkedIn as a recruiter for a company.

Optimise Your Content

Say it with me - relevancy is far more important than recency! Algorithms across all platforms how users what they want to see and less of what they don't, so optimising your content is key.

You can do this by shortening your text copy in your LinkedIn posts, using eye-grabbing images, (images generate 5 times the engagement of other assets) and if you're promoting something, some short copy with a call to action with a link to the topic can be a great and informative way to put your content out there without drowning your viewers newsfeed with too much text.

Dynamic Advertisement

Using ads that include a users full details such as their name, profile photo and employer in the advertisement can be beneficial to you as a recruiter as it shows versatile ads to potential candidates that changes the content based on the individual viewer through using cleverly placed dynamic algorithm tips and tricks, potentially generating you more organic leads in candidate interest. See here for a guide on how to use Dynamic Advertising in your LinkedIn business profile.

Leverage Followers

Take lead inspiration from your company's page followers. Whyare they following you? Are they interested in being apart of your company? If so, show them why your company is so great to work at! If your followers are competitor companies, analyse what they're doing with their LinkedIn to gain candidates and take a leaf out of their book.

Humanise Your Profile

Humanising your LinkedIn profile can take many forms. This can be anything from sharing a meme related to your workplace, perhaps even just making a habit of commenting on potential candidates posts, show humanity and an approachable voice to your profile.

There are many ways as a recruiter that you can make your LinkedIn a positive space to be, for other recruiters like yourself as well as appealing to potential candidates. While you're here, why not check out our 7 reasons why you should use a Recruitment Agency like ourselves here at MLT, where we can help with all of your recruitment needs.


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