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The importance of ongoing Communication with Candidates

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

As an employer, it is crucial to retaining talent to keep a good network of communication with your candidates, successful in the role you're advertising, or not. Effective communication is the best way to develop healthy relationships with consistency and clarity. Here's why:

It Reduces Time-To-Hire

When there's a lack of communication being made in the recruitment process, it delays everyone's goals. Ensuring that you're communicating every step to your candidates will ensure that you are retaining future talent leads and reduces the time it takes to get those positions filled.

Enhances the Overall Candidate Experience

If a candidate knows that they're getting the full experience with a recruitment company then they will feel more valued as a result of this and will more likely reciprocate and trust you more for it, leading to an overall better candidate experience and leading to better company reputation and satisfied customers.

Building a Trustworthy Brand

it really is that simple, if the reviews are showing that you value a candidates time and efforts by keeping good communication, your company earns a good reputation in reward.

Avoiding Candidate-Drop Offs

If a candidate feels ignored or neglected, you may risk losing them as candidates altogether. ensuring that you're chasing up emails regularly and keeping them up to date with the progress of applications, interview dates and so on will leave them reaping The benefits of using a Recruitment Agency.

Overall, retaining candidates is fairly manageable so long as you stick to and abide by these certain set of rules, you can be sure that you'll keep happy clients and candidates!

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